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Welcome to the Westbrook Resources Ltd website. Inside you will discover we are a leading supplier of metals and alloys to the World's iron and steel industry.

Westbrook Light Alloys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westbrook Resources Ltd, producer of Ferro Titanium, buyer of Non Ferrous Scrap for recycling, supplier of Titanium sponge and Noble alloys

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    Learn more about the wide range of products we supply and distribute, including Silicon Metal, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Chrome and Alloys like Stainless 310.

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    With Westbrook Resources Ltd you can rely on a fast and safe distribution of all our products around the world.

We are both a producer and international trading company sourcing alloys, metals, minerals and ores from around the world, managing the supply chain from mine and producer to consumers worldwide. With expertise in logistics, finance, marketing and a focus on quality, we offer a world class service together with the products that we supply.

In the UK we support the foundry and steel making industry by supplying a wide range of approximately 60 products including ferro alloys, pure and minor metals and minerals. We are a producer of Ferro Titanium in Sheffield where we can tailor the quality and specification of our product to suit your specific requirements.

We also have a reputation for innovation which has opened up opportunities around the world for us to produce and reclaim ferro alloys and ores from waste piles and redundant production plants, enhancing our production base while adding a positive contribution to the company's global environmental impact.