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Our Cobalt has the following chemical analysis:

99% min


  • Bags



  • Briquette

  • Rounds

  • Cathode


About Cobalt

Cobalt, despite being naturally occurring, is usually recovered as a by-product from the mining of ores of Iron, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Manganese, Zinc and Arsenic. Cobalt metal is refined by reductive smelting and is a hard lustrous silver-blue/white metal. It is similar to Iron and Nickel in its physical properties.


Key Properties of Cobalt

It is a ferromagnetic metal and has a relative permeability two thirds that of Iron. It is a weakly reducing metal that is protected by a passivating oxide film.



Cobalt is used in many alloys (superalloys for parts in gas turbine aircraft engines, corrosion resistant alloys, high-speed steels, cemented carbides), in magnets and magnetic recording media, as catalysts for the petroleum and chemical industries. Cobalt Oxides are widely used in Lithium Battery production.

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