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Our Chrome Metal has the following chemical analysis:

Standard Material
99% min
0.3% max
0.3% max
0.3% max


  • Drums on pallets



  • 3-50mm

  • 5-50mm


About Chrome Metal

Chrome’s name is derived from the Greek word Chroma to mean colour due to the many colourful compounds made from it. Chrome does not occur free in nature, rather as the mineral Chromite.

Chrome Metal is a steely grey, lustrous, hard and brittle transition metal. It can be highly polished whilst resistant to tarnishing.


Key Properties of Chrome Metal

Chrome Metal is produced by roasting and leaching Chromite to separate it from Iron, followed by reduction with Carbon and then Aluminium. It is highly corrosion resistant and valued for its hardness. The major development in Steel production was the discovery that when Chrome was added, it became highly resistant to corrosion and discoloration, to form Stainless Steel.



Mainly used for the creation of metal alloys, used to harden steel, to manufacture stainless steel (named as it won’t rust). Chromium plating can be used to give a polished mirror finish to steel.

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