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At Westbrook Resources, we offer a range of alloying briquettes with varying specifications. The use of briquettes in steel manufacturing helps to reduce waste, has more efficient utilisation and is easier to handle and store than fine material. Included in our range are Moly Oxide Briquettes, Silicon Briquettes, Manganese Briquettes, Chrome Briquettes and Silico Manganese Briquettes.


As a leading briquette supplier, we are experienced in delivering world class service ensuring you receive your products in a timely fashion.  Continue reading for information about the types of briquettes we supply.

The following briquettes are available:

  • Moly Oxide Briquettes

  • Silicon Briquettes

  • Manganese Briquettes

  • Chrome Briquettes

  • Silico Manganese Briquettes

  • About Our Briquettes

    Our Moly Oxide Briquettes, made by roasting Molybdenum Disulphide Concentrate, are mainly used in steelmaking to introduce Molybdenum into the charge or melt. This is done to improve the strength, corrosion resistance and weldability.


    Our Silicon Briquettes and Manganese Briquettes are used in cupola furnaces in cast iron production. Our Briquettes contain 40-55% Silicon or 40-60% Manganese respectively and are bound together using cement.


    Our Chrome Briquettes are used in steel mills, the production of stainless steel and alternate alloys. Compared to loose powder, these briquettes help control the amount of Chromium added to the alloy. 


    Using our Silicon Manganese Briquettes in steelmaking improves the mechanical properties of the final product whilst reducing waste.

    See for yourself the broad range of metals, minerals and ferro alloys we are able to distribute. Visit our products today.

    Uses/ Benefits of Briquettes

    Here are multiple usages/benefits of our range of briquettes:


    • Moly Oxide Briquettes - Used in various alloys to enhance strength and corrosion resistance. Improves mechanical properties and is easier to handle compared to loose powder materials.


    • Silicon Briquettes - Low amounts of Silicon Briquettes can be used to produce white cast iron.  Higher amounts of Silicon force Carbon out of the solution and act as a graphite stabilising element to produce grey cast iron.


    • Manganese Briquettes - Can be used to counteract Silicon promoting the retention of Carbon in cast iron melts and acts as a de-sulphurising agent. Manganese also increases strength and density in grey cast iron.


    • Chrome Briquettes - Utilised in steel mills as they are easier to handle, compared to loose powder. They can also reduce emissions during the production process due to more efficient energy utilisation and improved Chrome recovery. 

    • Silico Manganese Briquettes - Combines the benefits of Manganese and Silicon in one product making the casting stronger and more durable.

    Why Choose Westbrook As Your Briquettes Supplier?

    As a leading briquette supplier in the UK, Westbrook Resources are available to deliver a range of briquettes to a plant near you. Westbrook can also service overseas customers using our global distribution network.


    Westbrook Resources has storage facilities located in the UK, North America, Africa and Europe. Having facilities located around the globe allows us to deliver our briquettes seamlessly.


    We aim to remain a long-term partner by ensuring:


    • Continued Supply

    • Consistent Quality

    • Competitive Pricing 

    • Outstanding Service 

    • Efficient Delivery Service

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    Here are a list of benefits you may find from using our briquettes over loose powders/fines:


    • Steady, Consistent Composition 

    • Upgraded Handling

    • Decreased Amounts of Waste 

    • Increased Efficiency

    • Economic Benefits

    Yes, briquettes reduce the amount of dust accumulated and waste that ends up in landfills. They can also be more energy efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of production processes.

    The alloying elements, in powder form, are put into a briquetting machine to hydraulically press into blocks. A binder is used to improve the strength and thermal stability of the briquette. The material used as binder is either organic (required to burn off without interfering with the reactions of the metallurgical furnace) or inorganic (required to be compatible with the furnace reactions).

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