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We supply both Refractory Grade Silicon Carbide and Met Grade Silicon Carbide. The chemical analysis for these grades are as follows:

Refractory Grade
95% min
Met Grade
88% or 90% min


  • 1mt bags

  • 25kg bags



  • 0-1mm (Refractory Grade)

  • 1-3mm (Refractory Grade)

  • 3-5mm (Refractory Grade)

  • 0-10mm (Met Grade)

  • 1-10mm (Met Grade)


About Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is also known as “carborundum” and is a hard chemical compound containing Silicon & Carbon.

Silicon Carbide is usually produced by combing Silica Sand with Carbon in an Acheson Graphite Electric Resistance Furnace at high temperatures.

Silica Fume can also be converted to Silicon Carbide by heating with Graphite at 1500°C. Due to its hardness, it is widely produced as an abrasive.



In metallurgical applications, Silicon Carbide can be used in a basic Oxygen furnace for steel making, acting like a fuel. The additional energy liberated, allows the furnace to process more scrap with the same charge of hot metal, producing cleaner steel with lower emissions.

Silicon Carbide is also used to make a wide range of products having low expansion, high heat endurance with resistance to abrasion (for example, brake discs).


Grains of Silicon Carbide can be bonded together, by sintering, to form very hard ceramics such as ballistics body armour.


Also in ceramics, it is used in high heat duty kiln shelves and in refractories.

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