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Nickel alloys, renowned for their exceptional properties, are a versatile group of materials widely utilised in manufacturing across numerous industries. Combining the robustness of Nickel with alloying elements like Magnesium, Boron, Niobium and Vanadium, Nickel alloys offer superior corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and outstanding mechanical properties. 


Recognised as a leading Nickel alloys supplier, Westbrook Resources can assist you with a range of Nickel alloys.

Our Nickel Alloy Range

Westbrook Resources is a leading Nickel alloys distributor to companies in multiple industries across the globe. Click below for more information about each Nickel alloy we supply.

Nickel Alloys in Industry

Nickel alloys offer exceptional properties for diverse applications. From aerospace components requiring high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloys to chemical processing equipment, Nickel alloys are an integral part of modern engineering. 


Their versatility extends to automotive manufacturing, contributing to lightweight yet robust components. Westbrook Resources is a reliable Nickel alloys supplier to companies in the UK and beyond, meeting stringent industry requirements for reliability, durability, and innovation.


In addition to being a Nickel alloys supplier, we also distribute a wide range of ferro alloys, calcium alloys and manganese alloys. View our full range of products here


Why Choose Westbrook Resources for Nickel Alloys

As a global Nickel Alloys distributor, Westbrook Resources have facilities located in the UK, Europe, Africa and North America. This enables us to supply nickel alloys in a timely manner to meet customers’ urgent demands. 


Our goal is to be a long-term partner by guaranteeing:

  • Continuity of Supply

  • Consistent Quality 

  • Competitive Pricing 

  • Effective Delivery Service

  • Quality Service


Westbrook Resources are ISO 9001 compliant, Authorised Economic Operator accredited, hold numerous REACH registrations both in the UK and the EU and have several Turkish KKDIK pre-registrations. We have fiscal representation in several countries to facilitate deliveries directly to your plant.

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Westbrook Resources is a trusted nickel alloys supplier to a wide range of end-user industries globally. We also supply various other alloys such as calcium, chrome, manganese and noble alloys


Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 


What is the difference between Nickel master alloys and Nickel-based superalloys?

Nickel master alloys are raw materials used to produce steel or castings (such as Nickel Magnesium and Nickel Niobium), whereas Nickel-based superalloys are castings containing Nickel and other property enhancing metals resulting in high-performance alloys that exhibit outstanding strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance often used in the aerospace industry (such as Alloy 600 and Alloy 601).


What are the benefits of Nickel based alloys?

Nickel-based alloys offer a multitude of benefits, including exceptional corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and superior mechanical properties. These alloys are highly versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications across industries such as aerospace, automotive, and chemical processing. Nickel alloys ensure longevity and performance, even in the most difficult environments.


Do Nickel alloys rust? 

Nickel alloys are known for excellent corrosion resistance. They typically do not rust in the same way as ferrous metals. This resistance is due to the formation of a protective oxide layer on the surface of the alloy when exposed to oxygen in the air or moisture. 

View our Nickel alloy range above and contact us today with your enquiries.

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