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Our Manganese Metal has the following chemical analysis:

Standard Material
99.7% min


  • 1mt bags

  • 25kg bags

  • Drums on pallets



  • Flakes


About Manganese Metal

Manganese Metal is a hard, brittle, silvery metal often found in alloys combined with Iron. Manganese is a transition metal.

Key Properties of Manganese Metal

Manganese is used in an array of industrial alloys, and in particular, Stainless Steel. It improves strength, workability and resistance to wear.



The main use of Manganese is in Steel production. Stainless Steel contains about 1% Manganese.

Manganese Steel contains about 13% Manganese. It is extremely strong and is used for railway tracks, safes, rifle barrels and prison bars.

Drink cans are made of an alloy of Aluminium with 1.5% Manganese to improve resistance to corrosion. With Aluminium, Antimony and Copper it forms highly magnetic alloys.

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