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Our Ferro Boron has the following chemical analysis:

Standard Material
17% min or 18%min
1% max
2% max
0.5% max
0.05% max
0.05% max


  • Drums on a pallet

  • 1mt bags on pallets

  • 25kg bags



  • 0-2mm

  • 5-30mm

  • 5-50mm

  • 10-30mm

  • 10-50mm


About Ferro Boron

Ferro Boron is an alloy formed by combining Iron and Boron. It comes in several grades, although predominantly it is produced in two grades; 10% Boron content and 17% Boron content. Ferro Boron will typically be added to steel to form a very strong, highly durable and specialist steel for use across a variety of applications.


Key Properties of Ferro Boron

Ferro Boron as an additive to the production process of amorphous metals will impart several desirable properties to the new alloy. One of the primary benefits of adding Ferro Boron is to significantly increase the magnetic susceptibility of the final alloy, making it ideal for the production of Nd-Fe-B magnets. In addition, including Ferro Boron in a melt can drastically improve the quenching degree of the alloy which is finally produced. It also adds a significant wash resistance.


Ferro Boron is quite widely used in a variety of applications, although the predominant ones are hot spray painting and in the production of amorphous metals. There have been wide ranging experiments using Ferro Boron to produce prototype steel compounds, many of which were entirely successful, although not suitable for general manufacturing as other forms of steel are cheaper to produce. One of the more advanced uses of Ferro Boron is in the production of magnetic glass, where it will be added to the Silicon compound, along with a small quantity of Iron, during the initial production process. The most common use of Ferro Boron, aside from the steel industry is in the production of magnets, where it will add significant magnetic susceptibility to the final product.

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