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ALLOY 330, UNS N08330

We offer a range of thicknesses of Alloy 330 sheet and plate (1.5mm to 12mm) and a range of diameters of bar & pipe.

About Alloy 330

Alloy 330 (equivalent to Incoloy® 330, DS37/18 and RA330®) is an alloy predominantly composed of Iron, Nickel & Chrome but also contains Silicon to provide further resistance to carburisation.

Alloy 330 is used in high temperature environments where resistance to the combined effects of thermal cycling and carburisation is necessary (for example in furnace furniture). Alloy 330 is resistant to thermal shock and maintains good strength at high temperatures. It is highly resistant to oxidation (resistant to 1148°C (2100°F)) and corrosion.


Alloy 330 is predominantly used in heat treatment applications (e.g. muffles, flare tips, alloy grids, bar baskets and salt pots) but also in radiant tubes, gas turbine components and boiler fixtures.

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