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We produce our own Ferro Titanium in Sheffield, England. Our standard grade chemical analysis is as follows but other grades are available:

Standard Specification
5% max
3% max
0.5% max
0.5% max
0.5% max
0.2% max
0.05% max
0.05% max


  • 1mt bags

  • To your specification



  • 0-2mm

  • 2-10mm

  • 5-30mm

  • 10-50mm


About Ferro Titanium

Titanium is named from the Latin word ‘titan’, being the first sons of the Earth.

We manufacture Ferro Titanium in Sheffield, England, exporting materials to steelworks and foundries around the world on spot, formula and consignment stock basis.

Production of Ferro Titanium

Titanium scrap is mainly generated in machine shops, forge shops and fabricators. Titanium sponge for Ferro Titanium production is a by-product of Titanium production for Titanium Alloys.

We buy Titanium scrap in the form of sponge, turnings and solids from an extensive network of worldwide suppliers. We employ strict processes to identify and control Titanium scrap. All raw materials are tested prior to melting to produce a wide range of Ferro Titanium grades.

Titanium scrap being melted

The Titanium scrap is melted with Iron in an induction furnace at temperatures of 1400°C. Our Ferro Titanium is tested at all stages of production and again after sizing to ensure accuracy of testing and the quality of the final product.

Ferro Titanium being crushed

Ingot is crushed to customer required sizing. Both lump material and roller-crushed fines are available.

Ferro Titanium being put in a bag

Crushed FeTi is then packed in big bags and loaded for delivery to customer premises.

Key Properties of Ferro Titanium

Titanium is well known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. It has high strength, low density and excellent corrosion resistance.

Ferro Titanium forms stable compounds with Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur at steelmaking temperatures. These properties are used by Steel makers as a stabiliser to fix these elements and reduce their harmful effects and to reduce and refine grain size. It is usually added late in the steel making process to avoid re-oxidisation of the steel.



The most common use of Ferro Titanium is in steel production but it is increasingly being utilised in modern steel making in the form of cored wire. The steel sheath protects the Ferro Titanium from oxidisation, allowing quick and continuous additions, and high recovery of Titanium.

At Westbrook Light Alloys we have the facilities to Roll Crush all grades of Ferro Titanium for use in cored wire production.

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