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ALLOY 600, UNS N06600

We offer a range of thicknesses of Alloy 600 sheet/plate (2mm to 12mm) and a range of diameters of Alloy 600 bar & pipe.

About Alloy 600

Alloy 600 (equivalent to Inconel® 600) is an alloy of Nickel, Chrome and Iron with a high content of Nickel (>72%) which enables the alloy to be highly resistant to corrosion and to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking.

The high Nickel content also allows Alloy 600 to endure environments from cryogenic to elevated temperatures in excess of 1095°C (2000°F). The Chrome content increases its resistance to sulphidation and oxidisation at high temperatures or in corrosive solutions. The Alloy also shows excellent resistance in high purity water, as used in the primary and secondary circuits of some nuclear reactors.



Alloy 600 is used in applications that require corrosion resistance or high temperature resistance such as food processing equipment, heat exchangers and heat treating equipment including retorts, muffles, furnace components and heat-treatment baskets. It is also used in the aerospace industry in components required to remain stable in high temperatures such as exhaust liners and turbine seals. This Nickel alloy is also used in the construction of nuclear reactors.

Inconel® 600/Alloy 600 is recommended for service above 700°C (1290°F) due to its higher creep-rupture properties obtained via controlled Carbon content and its coarse grain size.

Alloy 600 can be hot worked or cold worked and machined. Hot working is done in the temperature range of 900°C to 1200°C (1650°F to 2200°F) followed by water quenching or rapid air cooling. If the temperature is below this, the metal’s ductility will be too low. Heat treatment after hot working is recommended in order to achieve optimum properties. Cold working is done when the material is in the soft or solution annealed condition. Inter-stage annealing may be necessary with high degrees of cold forming.

Machining should preferably be done in the heat-treated condition.

Chemical Composition: Alloy 600 V Alloy 601:

Standard Material
Alloy 600 %
Alloy 601 %
72% min
58% – 63%
14% – 17%
21% – 25%
6% – 10%
18% max
0.3% max
1% – 1.7%
1% max
1% max
0.5% max
0.5% max
0.5% max
0.5% max
0.15% max
0.1% max

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