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Our Copper has the following chemical analysis:

Standard Material
99.7% min or 99.9% min


  • 1mt big bags

  • 250kg bags

  • 25kg bags

  • Drums



  • Granules

  • Punchings

  • Wire


About Copper

Copper is a soft, malleable and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure Copper has a red-orange colour.


Key Properties of Copper

Some of the most desirable properties of Copper include :

High resistance to corrosion – Copper Alloys do not deteriorate over centuries


Malleability and ductility – Copper is easy to work with, mainly when it comes to fabricating and joining.

Strength – one of the great mechanical properties of Copper is strength. Copper is a tough metal, and so are its alloys, as they don’t shatter or become brittle when exposed to temperatures below zero degrees.

Non-magnetic – it is a non-ferrous metal, which makes it useful for military applications.

Easy to alloy – it is easily alloyed with other metals, like Zinc, Tin and Nickel.

Conductivity – Copper is a great electrical and thermal conductor, which is why it is often used for electrical wiring.

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