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ALLOY 601, UNS N06601

We offer a range of thicknesses of Alloy 601 sheet/plate (2mm to 12mm) and we also offer a range of diameters of bar & pipe.

About Alloy 601

Equivalent to Inconel® 601, this is an alloy made from Nickel, Chrome and Iron with a Nickel content greater than 58% which enables the alloy to be resistant to high temperature oxidation, resistant to corrosion and maintains its metallurgical stability at high temperatures (in excess of 1204°C = 2200°F).


Alloy 601 is used in applications that require corrosion resistance or high temperature resistance such as radiant tubes, retorts, muffles, furnace components and heat-treatment baskets. It can also be used in the chemical processing, power generation, aerospace and pollution control industries in various systems, fixtures and components.

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