Atomised Ferro Silicon

(FeSi) Atomic Numbers 26,14

Atomised Ferro Silicon 15% is a specialised powder product formed by melting FeSi 75% with scrap and casting into a high-pressure water jet. Particle size is typically between 212 microns and 20 microns. The principal properties of FeSi 15% are magnetism, corrosion resistance and density.

Atomised Ferro Silicon 15% is mixed in water to create a dense medium and finds uses in the mining and scrap processing industries. Dense medium separation is a gravity separation technique which creates a medium with a specific density. This medium allows lights to float and heavies to sink, thus permitting separation due to density. The process typically separates aluminium, magnesium and mixed heavy metals such as copper alloys, thereby increasing overall scrap metal recycling rates. After sizing, the mixed feed is screened and then sent to a drum containing magnetite media which removes the lower density waste (rubber, plastic etc) and light metals such as magnesium alloys. The heavy concentrated scrap is then directed to a second drum containing FeSi media which separates the aluminium from other metals. FeSi powder creates different media densities and can be adjusted, within certain limits.

Our expertise:

  • 24 years experience of Atomised Ferro Silicon production and marketing.
  • Unique quenching design on the atomiser produces some of the most spherical water atomised material available today.
  • Our material has proven to have greater corrosion resistance, greater viscosity control, is more stable and recoverable and proven easier to achieve density than with most other water atomised materials.